How to Use a Choker Necklace

Do You Want To Get The Most Out Of Your Choker Necklace?

Something that the choker necklace, also known as choker, is that it can totally transform your look. Choosing the right choker will give you a perfect touch, but be careful, just as it can work miracles can also cause the opposite effect.

In 2016, the chokers became fashion necklaces stuck to the neck. More modern versions arrived in an infinity of models and colors. But, how to know which favors us?

Today I will teach you to easily identify your skin tone, what colors you feel best and even the chokers that look better depending on the neckline of your outfit.  Let’s go there!

  1. Identify your skin tone.

According to your skin tone, some colors will favor you more than others. Therefore, it is important to know which one is yours and to know which chokers will fit you best.

Although the color of your skin may vary depending on the time of year, the base tone, which is determined by the amount of melanin in the skin, remains constant throughout life.

A trick to identify the base tone of your skin is, examining the veins of your wrist. Make sure you do it in a place with natural light and when your skin is clean.

  • Cold build: If the veins are blue or violet.
  • Warm build: If the veins are green.
  • Neutral base tone: If you cannot tell if they are green or blue, it means that your skin has pigments of both colors.
  1. Select the color of clothes according to the tone of your skin.

Now that you know if you are cold or warm, you should take into account the intensity of the complexion. Depending on whether you are more brown or whiter, some colors will make you look better than others. Choker chokers are attached to the neck and are very close to the face, so if you choose the right color more will favor you.

The color of eyes and hair also influences when determining which colors you should choose. Therefore, there is a classification to find out if, according to your colors, you are a person in winter, summer, autumn or spring, which helps determine which colors will suit you best.

In front of a mirror, take fabrics or garments of different colors and see alternating colors holding the fabric close to the face. When you approach the appropriate color for you, the spots will be disguised and the face, eyes and hair will light up. When you approach the inappropriate color you will see more opaque and imperfections will be accentuated a little. You will hallucinate with the difference!

  1. Take into account the neckline you are going to wear.
  • Straplessneckline: This is the most sensual and elegant cleavage that is ideal for necklaces attached to the neck. You can combine it with a thin choker, wide or combining several. It is important that you do not recharge the neckline, the easier you go the more it will stylize you.
  • Deep or “V”neckline: You can use long and thin necklaces, avoid big and wide chokers. If you have large busts, it is best to combine a simple choker with a Y-shaped chain that surpasses your neckline. This will harmonize your silhouette, you will look thinner and taller.
  • High neck neckline: Avoid putting on any type of necklace, choker or chain that falls over the clothes, in this case you will overload the area and your neck will look more bulky.
  • Round or squareneckline: The ideal necklaces for this type of neckline are short and tight. You can use chokers of 1 or 2 laps or a single one with a central detail.
  1. Find balance with your hairstyle.
  • Loose Hair:The simpler your choker necklace the more you will wear it, if you opt for a more ornate necklace it will not favor you. You can take a simple or with a detail in the central area for a more striking look.
  • Picked up or with braids:The best way to show off your choker is with a pickup, it will make you look very feminine and sensual. No restrictions, dare with one or several necklaces!

I hope this guide has been useful for you and you can quickly identify which chokers will favor you the most. I hope you put it into practice soon!

If you want to see more tips and ideas on how to combine your choker, take a look at the Blog section of our website.