How to boost sales instantly with branded Logo Mats?

You might have been impressed with the professionalism and branding behind reception at a major business. Corporations spend large sums on creating the right first impression for clients and customers.

You know that not every small business has the budget to pay for a fancy entrance. However, branded logo mats are an excellent way to impress clients.

ColorStar Impressions Logo Mats can not only make you look smart but also increase your sales for a single reason: Brand recall.

People can remember even subconsciously what they see. It is unlikely that they will blend together if they visit 5 different businesses during the day. You can make your brand stand out by adding subtle visual reminders. You should make your entrance mats multifunctional. They are crucial for safety and health.

The problem is that you have to do this right. Poorly designed entrances can affect your reputation as quickly as high-quality ones. Here are some ways to ensure that your branded logo mats convey the right message about your company.

  1. Keep it clean

If the Mona Lisa is covered in dust and you are waiting at the Louvre, you wouldn’t be impressed. Your company’s branding should always be in top condition.

Be sure to read the instructions and make sure that your brand logo mat stays clean. Most mats come equipped with mat washing instructions.

  1. Keep it classy…or you can not

While it is important to keep your business classy if you own a luxury nail salon or hotel, you might want to make it more entertaining if the business is for children.

The best tone to use is the one that fits your brand. You should be able to identify the tone of the brand if you are in the process of ordering merchandise. If you don’t, stop and start researching.

Off-brand promotional materials or tone-deaf can damage your customer’s impression of the company. That’s why we created this guide.

  1. Invest in what is best

In order to keep your logo mat on-brand, it’s important that it is a high-quality mat. It won’t help you to have a cheap, tacky-looking entrance mat unless you are going for a unique look.

While it might be tempting just to buy the cheapest mat available, investing in a good-quality mat can help you save money on maintenance and replacements.

  1. Make sure it’s working

Without being fully functional, the best branded logo mat is nothing. A mat that makes a joke or trips someone up is not going to make a good impression.

If your personal mat is near the doorway then make it super absorbent and put it in a container. You can make it look low if it is in a corridor.

However, what works will vary based on your individual needs. One of our matting experts is happy to assist you.

  1. You can add a catchy slogan

There are many logos out there, and unless yours is especially interesting, you may need to add something.

A shocking, outrageous, or controversial statement will go a great distance. If you can capture a customer’s attention in a fraction of a second, then you are already ahead of most other logos they’ve seen.