Should You Size Up When Buying Shapewear?

Buying shapewear can be a little tricky if you are new in the shapewear world. The key to comfortable, satisfying and flattering shapewear is to choose the correct size. Whatever you do, remember not to fall into the trap of wearing a shapewear that is one size smaller hoping that it will give more compression to hide the lumps. It will likely result in the opposite and that is giving you lumps and bumps in places where you do not want them to be.

Shapewear sizes are the same as the regular clothes. It is much better to buy at your true size and get the best fit. For example, if you wear a medium dress, you should pick a pair of shaper shorts in medium. Also, do not go the other way and buy a larger size shapewear than your actual size because you worry about discomfort. A larger size shapewear may not be able to offer the right fit and compression for your needs. It may also move or roll down. Modern shapewear pieces have the right amount of stretch for you to stay comfortable and are made for your measurements.

Tips For Buying Shapewear That Fits Perfectly

In order to help you choose the right shapewear size, ahead are some tips that you can follow.

Body – Do make sure that you measure at the right place. It is easy to measure too low or too high and you would end up with an inaccurate size. For waist, find the right point by bending slightly to the side and locate the place where the body creases.

The Right Measuring Kit – Use a proper measuring tape and make sure it is flat on the body while you measure. You can also have someone measure for you. Get a piece of string if you do not have any tapes with you and then measure the length of the string with a ruler.

Body Shape – If you are looking for shapewear to enhance or change your body shape, the key is not to choose a style but a size that suits you. Go by the measurement of the part of your body that you want to work on. For example, pear-shaped women who want to compress their thighs should opt for shaping shorts that are correctly sized for their hips.

Know Your Shaping Goals – Are you looking to smooth, cinch, lift or sculpt? No matter what your priorities are, it is important that you have an idea which outfits you will be wearing the shapewear with.

Match the Right Shapewear To The Occasion

Shapewear is available in different compression and support so therefore, the right shapewear that gives you all the sculpting you need and keep you comfortable will depend on the occasion and the outfit.

  • Everyday wear – Whether you are lounging at home or on days that you need something to pick you up, your best bet is light or medium support shapewear like a pair of shaping panties

  • Workwear – For work, try medium support pieces that will help give your business outfits a clean, tailored look like such as bodysuit thong shapewear.

  • Evening wear – When it comes to special occasion outfits, a nice medium to firm support shapewear will help you show off your shape in your evening dress.
  • Formal wear – If you have a special event to go to like a wedding or other formal engagement that calls for glamour, then you may want the extra firming power that comes from heavy duty shapewear pieces such as waist trainer for women.

How your shapewear should fit?

  • It should feel firm and secure around the area that it is meant for
  • If it is a high compression piece, it should feel even tighter
  • It should make you feel secure but not uncomfortable
  • Do not worry if your skin feels warm under the shapewear as it is meant to produce heat to cause you to sweat more
  • You should feel confident when wearing shapewear

How shapewear should not fit?

  • It should not be too tight until it restricts your movement of make you feel uncomfortable.
  • You should not feel breathless.
  • You should not have to pull the material hard to put onto the body.
  • There should not show any bulges under clothing.  If that happens, it means the garment is either too big or too tight.