4 Myths about Gold Bridesmaid Dresses Busted: A Guide to a Glamorous Appearance

Summary: Are you wondering whether the myths about gold bridesmaid dresses are true? Know the truth and turn yourself into a diva.

Gold dresses exude elegance, sophistication, and allure. And a gold bridesmaid dress might be the best thing you have worn for a wedding! Such opulence is barely found in any other outfit.

Unfortunately, many bridesmaids surrender to the common myths they hear about the gold bridesmaid dresses. You cannot wear these shoes, you cannot take that bag – the list of misconceptions is endless.

As you are in doubt about how to pull off the gold bridesmaid dresses, it’s time to debunk the myths. To know all about the truth, here are a few things to remember.

Myth #1: You cannot wear jewelry with gold dresses

This is one of the common myths in the world of gold dresses. As gold is a popular tone in jewelry, many people do not want to risk going over the top. Needless to say, not everyone can pull off the daring style – gold jewelry with a gold dress.

It is better not to approach your maximalist side with the gold bridesmaid dress. On the contrary, you can focus on a minimalistic approach. Put on an unembellished ring and necklace which you have never worn before. The necklace depends on the neckline of your attire.

If you are not up for the necklace, you can choose a pair of earrings instead. For complementing the tone, you can pick up silver studs. It is a dark shade and does not glimmer that much. Nobody would lose all the attention from the dress either.

Myth #2: Gold on gold is a tacky choice

Remember, gold has many shades. And you can pair a gold dress with a pair of light gold shoes. Such a lovely color keeps up a continuous flow. The color and dress can intensify the glam factor and carry on the coordination well.

You can choose a champagne gold dress and experiment a little. Additionally, you can think of a gold matte shade for the shoes. If the pinkish-yellow dress is sparkly, the matte shoes can tone it down. Play with the different shades of gold or dwell on a soft tone for an excellent result.

Myth #3: Sequins might overdo your entire outfit

Sequins are sexy, and gold sequins look sexy and elegant together. Choose a sparkly beading floor-length dress with high-slit. Such a bridesmaid dress reflects the oomph factor without trying hard for accessorizing.

An A-line sparkly modest dress on rose gold is also a stunner like the mentioned previously. Moreover, sequined dresses now present fashionable necklines that are too hard to resist.

But the most popular choice for the fall or winter weddings is charming gold mermaid dresses. The backless and strapless design keeps up the glam without going over the top. For a day wedding, gold sequins are perfect in a unique way.

Myth #4: A handbag will be too much

On the contrary, as you might have heard, a clutch or handbag is essential for a gold dress. You can leave your baggy handbag at home, but a simple tote does the magic. So, look for one in dark, nude, and brown.

You can also strike a bold statement with a chestnut or maroon clutch. For such an enchanting look, you can balance the combination with nude or brown. But you should also stay away from too many shades.

Now, you know how easy it is to flaunt sequin bridesmaid dresses. As long as you remember the basic fashion rules, you are good to go. Look beyond the myths and learn how to carry the contrast elegantly. So, keep browsing through the latest collection and make your pick ASAP!

Author bio: Georgina Lively is a fashion blogger, and she has penned several articles on how easily you can style sequin bridesmaid dresses. Here, she debunks the common and popular myths about gold bridesmaid dresses.