Finding the perfect man bag

There was a time when men wouldn’t be seen dead carrying anything other than a briefcase; however, you are now likely to see the iconic man bag wherever you go. Stylish, comfortable and practical, man bags are fashionable must-haves for every modern-day guy.

Man bags have come a long way in recent years, with many men embracing their evolution. With so many styles to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. Let’s look at some tips.

Be practical

Consider the weight and size of the bag. If you do not need to carry many items, it is pointless going for a large bag. Also consider what you will be carrying in your bag; for example, items with corners, such as iPods, can damage leather.

Consider your needs

If you struggle to organise things, a deep bag will leave you rummaging to find your keys. Pick a bag with pockets and compartments so that you can find your items.

Bigger isn’t always better

If you do not need to carry around many items, you can opt for a portfolio to carry under your arm. It looks professional and ensures your items will be kept together. Most portfolios don’t come with straps, so they are not the best idea if you are an absent-minded individual.

Shop around

Don’t pick the first bag you see; instead, choose something you like. You will be carrying the bag and it is important to feel happy with your choice. The best places to look for stylish man bags are mens designer clothes shops, such as

Leather bags

Nothing embodies style and sophistication like leather. It looks great with all outfits, and leather man bags can last a long time if you take care of them. Spray your leather bag with Scotchgard to give it that brand-new effect, and clean it regularly to prevent a build-up of dirt. The shop from which you buy your bag will be able to recommend a good cleaner. It is also important to wipe your bag with a cloth to prevent tricky cleaning jobs further down the line.

Neatsfoot oil is a great way to keep the leather soft and ensure it lasts longer. It is essential to use pure oils, as mineral oils will damage the material.