The Treatment Options for Dark Circles Under the Eyes

There are a variety of reasons that exacerbate or cause the dark circles under your eyes. First and foremost, this condition may be hereditary. If your siblings or parents have dark circles, it is quite safe to assume that you have them due to genetic reasons. Some other factors that cause dark circles include thinning skin, tissue loss under the eye area, sleep deprivation or lack of a proper sleep schedule, pigmentation, allergies, levels of high stress and excessive consumption of salt that leads to fluid retention in the body.

Using a high-quality night cream is a must for both men and women and the latter should also remove their makeup at night so as not to contribute to your dark circles. If you smoke, it is best to kick the habit. Thanks to non-surgical treatments and technological advances, you don’t necessarily have to live with dark circles. There are some effective ways for you to lighten the dark circles. When you age, the hyaluronic acid in your skin starts to decrease. This thins your skin and leads to tear troughs.

There are hyaluronic fillers that can be used for dark eye circles removal. These dermal fillers can rebuild the volume in your dermis thereby giving you a younger and fresh look. There are also some cosmetic treatments that can be used for removal of these dark eye circles. Laser therapy is one such solution, which is a non-surgical solution. It can be effective in treating the dark circles you have, lifting the area around your eyebrows, smoothing fine wrinkles around the eyes and reducing loose skin.

Some other options that can also be explored include the use of skin-lightening creams and chemical peels. You should also make changes to your sleeping habits and this will make a big difference in dark eye circle removal.